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Asset Security

At Satrak, we have designed our industry-leading Asset Security Systems to help protect your assets and improve the day-to-day running of businesses across the UK.

Asset theft is on the rise, and costs industries over £1 million per week in 2015, there has never been a better time to secure your fleet. Our Asset Security Systems are used by 2000 businesses across over 23,000 units in the UK alone, and are renowned for providing significant operational benefits, improved financial returns and most importantly, security.

When you choose to secure your businesses assets using the our Asset Security System, you will gain access variety of useful of tools at your fingertips, guaranteed to improve unit security and business efficiency. As a client of our Asset Security Systems, you will also be assigned a dedicated account manager and access to a dedicated team of customer service executives who will help to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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Why use us

  • Recover stolen machines quickly and easily
  • Prevent thefts and unauthorised use
  • Protect your machines for unnecessary engine damage
  • Monitor and protect all your assets in one easy to use package
  • Check the health of your machines remotely

How it works

  • Instantly locate your machines to within 2 metres globally
  • Remotely immobilise machines at the touch of a button phone pc or tablet
  • Automatically produce engine hours and servicing information
  • Improve machine utilisation through easy to use reports
  • Monitor the health of the machines remotely with low voltage detection
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The Satrak plant security system allows users to see their machines location at any time. Utilising GPS/GSM technology the Satrak unit can report its position to within 2 metres anywhere in the world on a street level map.

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Additional Product Features

Machine Immobilisation

Satrak fitted machines can be secured and immobilised remotely via the touch of a button on a mobile or landline.

Transferable Units

Don't buy twice - If you decide to sell or change your machine the Satrak can be removed and refitted to your next machine.

Service Information & Engine Hours

Plant View not only allows users to see what their machines are doing in real time but will also provide reports to monitor utilisation and service requirements which will ensure their machines are always accurately serviced and well maintained.

Automatic Shutdown

Satrak enabled machines can be automatically armed and immobilised at specific times of the day and night e.g. 6pm til 6am using the programmable arming schedule.

Battery Disconnection

Battery health can be monitored via the Satrak. In the event of a power failure the Satrak will alert the user instantly.

Towaway & Anti-Tamper

Satrak instantly recognises any kind of unauthorised movement notifying the user in real time if the machine has been towed lifted or winched. It can also detect vibration or power interference during a theft, this is instantly reported to the user.

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General Information

Satrak™ VM has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Construction industry and their fleets. Combining GPS and GPRS our VM allows you to see where your units are, as well as produce time sheet reports on where they have been.

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